Best Dishwasher for Wine Glasses

best dishwasher for wine glasses

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At home, you have some amount of dirty dishes every day. Dish piles on your kitchen counter look messy. How to manage it? Washing dirty dishes by hand is stressful and time-consuming. It takes you not less than one hour a day. Additionally, you waste a lot of water. After a holiday, it’s especially annoying. So, you need your best dishwasher for wine glasses.

Are you fixing to buy a fresh dishwasher? It’s a wise, time and energy-saving decision. I hope, you are moving to a new, larger house. If your old kitchen appliance is janky and unrepairable, it’s disappointing. Take it easy. Modern dishwashers are compact, quiet, and smart. They cope with difficult dirt fast and easily.

5 Best Dishwasher for Wine Glasses in 2024

Affordable, high-performance machines are available. But finding an item that keeps your wine glasses clean and streak-free is not easy. Do you prefer a portable or built-in device? It depends on your housing opportunities. A durable appliance lasts not less than 15-20 years. So, it’s a long-time-investment. Find a perfect dishwasher selection below. I hope it helps you to make a great purchase.

1. BLACK+DECKER BCD6W: Space-Saving Dishwasher with Roomy Interior

space-saving dishwasher with roomy interiorIs your kitchen small and cramped? It fits any confined space on your countertop. Measuring no more than 17 inches high, it easily sits under your kitchen cabinet. Due to space-saving (21.5” x 21.7”) footprint, it makes a clean, elegant impression.

Meanwhile, the dishwasher is pretty roomy and efficient. It holds 6 place settings per time or wash. So, it’s a good solution for a family or a small party. It shouldn’t get hyphy. Your kitchen appliance accommodates plates only up to 10 inches in diameter. It means that only not very tall wine glasses fit the rack.

I like the dishwasher’s design. It’s sleek and attractive.

Unit Beneficially Features

  1. LED display with fully integrated (intuitive to use) control console.
  2. 7 dissimilar wash programs.
  3. Child lock.
  4. Delayed start (1-24 hours).
  5. Removable silverware basket.

It’s pretty quiet, producing up to 60 dB. You hear the noise only during rinse and wash cycles. The longest (normal) cycle takes 110 minutes. The appliance washes lightly soiled and delicate glasses within 70 minutes.

Baby care program is also available. The description includes not only bottles but fine china and crystal. I would be careful with it, as the dishwasher heats temperature to 168 degrees. Heavy-duty cycle embraces pots and pans. It works, leaving them spotless. But there is no place for bulky items. Faster (rapid and rinse) cycles are useful.

Additionally, installation is fast and intuitive. The set includes a quick connect assembly with a suitable faucet adapter. Inlet and drain hoses are beneficially available.

  • elegant by design;
  • space-saving;
  • efficient;
  • easy to install and connect;
  • handy.
  • very tall wine glasses, big and bulky items like stirring spoons or baking pans don’t fit inside;
  • doesn’t dry dishes.


Countertop dishwasher by Black + Decker is reliable and versatile. The reputed brand with a long history is a definite quality guarantee. I would recommend the product for families with little kids. It features a child lock, saving your time and efforts.

2. Farberware FDW05ASBWHA: Best Dishwasher for Cleaning Wine Glasses

best dishwasher for cleaning wine glassesDo you like traveling? Summer is a great time to have astonishing camping, road and boat trips. Romantic getaway should end up with a great picnic and wine. But washing dishes by hand while camping could make you dread. Without a fully functioning kitchen, it would be a terrible chore! You’ll keep a sink and your favorite dishwasher in mind.

I am not sure about the sink and water supply. You can bring a compact countertop dishwasher along. It includes only one rack, accommodating not more than 2 place settings. It’s enough if you have a romantic evening for two. You need only a stable table to place the dishwasher and 20-40 minutes of your precious time.

What about water? At home, you would prefer to hook up the appliance to your kitchen faucet. Water hose is available, but don’t forget to buy a suitable adapter beforehand. In traveling conditions, that is, in your RV, you need only 1.32 gallons of water. Just use the available built-in water tank. Electricity is also essential.

Features and Specifications

The Farberware dishwasher is not large, but useful. It accommodates dishes up to 12” in diameter. Washing wine glasses in the dishwasher is easy. Tall stemware with stalks measures up to 11 inches in height. It fits in easily, but only 2 glasses find a place inside.

The dishwasher stands out by:

  • 5 wash programs;
  • LED digital controls;
  • fine and main filters;
  • wide water pressure range (20-120 PSI);
  • recessed door handle with magnetic latch;
  • see-through window.

It’s comparatively quiet in operation, producing up to 62 dB. Additionally, the dishwasher features several unique washing programs. Glass button keeps up with delicate, lightly soiled ware. The cycle heats water to 122°F. and rinses your favorite glassware.

The program that allows washing fruits is hella useful in summer. It uses no detergent, less energy, and cold water. But be careful with the Baby Care cycle. It sanitizes bottles, applying steam. Only dishwasher-safe plastic is acceptable. It should withstand a temperature that reaches 162 degrees.

  • compact and lightweight;
  • versatile;
  • easy to use;
  • operates without hookup;
  • cleans and sanitizes dishes.
  • too small for a family;
  • no drying element.


The portable dishwasher by Farberware is compact and versatile. You can use it anywhere: in your RV, summer house or camping ground. It easily washes small amount of dirty dishes, baby bottles of fruits. Water supply is not essential.

3. SPT SD-9241SS: Best Dishwasher for Tall Wine Glasses

best dishwasher for tall wine glassesDo you rent a house or apartment with no dishwasher? You are to keep it in good condition. Everything is to remain the same as when you moved in. Small kitchen is a common drawback. You won’t be able or willing to disassemble or move any furniture there.

Washing glasses and dishes by hand is tiring and inefficient. I hope, it doesn’t make you move or diverse. So, portable dishwasher is a great temporary solution. It connects directly to the kitchen faucet. Don’t forget to ground the machine to eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Fortunately, a faucet adapter is available in the parcel. It enables quick, intuitive connection. Quite naturally, the dishwasher by SDP is hella heavyweight. 4 large heavy-duty casters smooth the disadvantage out. They let you move the appliance in all directions.

Capacity and Useful Features

So the dishwasher is pretty spacious inside. It stands out by great loading capacity. 8 place settings mean there is enough room to fit an 8-person dinner set. Every set includes only several dishes, a cap, and a glass. Utensils like spoons, forks, and knives don’t count. They find a place in the silverware basket.

If you invite your close friends and they come with several heads, it would be a great cuddle party! Will they leave a lot of dirty dishes and wine glasses on your food table? The normal-size dishwasher copes with it fast and easily. It beneficially features:

  • elegant, sleek design;
  • digital control console;
  • 2 powerful wash arms;
  • durable rack rows;
  • removable filters;
  • automatic detergent dispenser;
  • heat-resistant stainless steel tub.

It’s pretty quiet. The dishwasher produces only 55dB. Additionally, the appliance is energy-saving. It meets Energy Star requirements. Of course, it heats water. If you use hot tap water, it takes less energy. Water consumption remains about the same. Your dishwasher uses from 1.9 to 4.6 gallons/per wash cycle.

So, why is the device preferable to wash wine glasses? It comes with an adjustable top rack. Change its height to accommodate large pots and plates or tall glasses. Light and normal wash cycles suit glass bowls. If they are lightly or customarily soiled, cleaning takes much less than 2 hours (100-115 minutes).

  • solid;
  • easy to connect and use;
  • adjustable design;
  • great size and capacity;
  • energy-efficient.
  • it doesn’t dry dishes properly.


SD-9241SS dishwasher by SPT is durable and efficient. Sunpentown International Inc., produces it in Hacienda Heights city, in Southern California. It works since 1993. So, their kitchen appliances are top-quality and user-friendly.

4. GE GDF530PSMSS: Best Commercial Dishwasher for Wine Glasses

commercial dishwasher for wine glassesDo you often get a huge amount of glassware? If you like parties and guests, it might happen. A Profile-series by dishwasher by GE Appliances liberates you from daily chores. Just load it, touch the control pad, and go on making fan! But where is it? The control pad is hidden. Find it inside the door top edge.

The dishwasher is not large. It’s only 24-inches wide. What about t height? 32 inches and 2 racks are enough to fit any glasses and dishes. 8 place setting capacity meets the basic needs of any household. Do you run a small café or restaurant? You can use the unit singularly to wash glassware.

Yee, the dishwasher is multipurpose. It deals with heavy soiled cookware and dishes. But its “glasses” cycle is perfect. Washing takes 65 minutes only, including low-temperature heated dry option. It’s gentle and efficient. The cycle handles a ton of glassware.

Interesting Information

So, the dishwasher stands out by a smooth, lustrous interior. Consisting of annealed stainless steel, it resists corrosion and stains. Nylon utility racks and a cutlery basket are secure and durable. The beautiful appliance finds a place in your office or small hotel.

It provides easy access, being simple in operation. Professional installation is a must, anyway. The dishwasher produces 60 dB, being a bit noisy. Only by the end of each cycle, it beeps four times. 1-24 start delay feature and 3-stage water filtration are beneficially available.

  • beautifies your kitchen by clean lines and lustrous finish;
  • light-touch control pad;
  • air-dry cycle available;
  • a lot of room and power to handle a great load of glassware;
  • durable and space-saving.
  • annoying beeps;
  • no child lock.


GDF530PSMSS dishwasher by GE Appliances is built-in. It requires professional installation, being stylish and intuitive to use. The item is space-saving but roomy and capacious. It’s especially efficient to clean your glassware. The model stands out by a perfect “glass” cycle.

5. Danby DDW1804EBSS: Wine Glass Dishwasher Commercial for Home

wine glass dishwasher commercial for homeIs your tap water very hard? Benefit from a built-in softener system. There is nothing too special. It releases water softener and mixes it with detergent. The system dispenses water evenly. This way, it gets rid of buildup and rinses your glasses properly. Their surfaces are crystal-clear and streak-free.

Is there anything special about the 18”-wide dishwasher by Danby? It’s a built-in model. It’s hella space-saving. 9 piece setting capacity together with 6 wash programs make it user-friendly and efficient. The dishwasher stands out by several helpful features.

Useful Features they Include

  1. Quiet operation (52 dB).
  2. 4 water temperature options.
  3. Delay start.
  4. Stainless steel tub and exterior.
  5. Easy-to-use electronic control.

Two rows of buttons on the face panel let you select not only the cycle but water temperature. Touching the clock, set the desired wash time. Child lock and smart wash features are available too. Thus, lightly soiled dishes or a partial load of them are clean faster. The system automatically performs a rapid or short wash cycle in this case.

Additionally, the dishwasher is energy-efficient and water-saving. It has got Energy Star rating. For my kitchen, I would select a similar, white model, that is DDW1804EW. Black color might look too harsh in your kitchen design. But the white surface is not so sleek and stain-resistant.

  • compact;
  • attractive by design;
  • quiet;
  • feature-rich;
  • smart.
  • it might be too narrow for a large family or a hyphy party.


DDW1804EBSS dishwasher by Danby is smart and space-saving. It includes a lot of great features. I like automatic water softener release and water temperature selection the most. They let the dishwasher clean lightly soiled wine glasses fast and excellently.

Buyers’ Guide

Are you fixing to remodel your kitchen? It should be a functional and stylish space. Refer to the layout. Which dishwasher type can it fit: freestanding or inbuilt? If you rent an apartment, your kitchen might be very small and cramped. Don’t give up on your idea! You should not wash dishes by hand. It’s janky and exhausting.

You might be unable to change the kitchen design. If there is no room for an integrated dishwasher, consider buying a portable model. Countertop appliances are compact. They fit any space. Additionally, they don’t require installation at all. You are to connect the hose to the faucet before washing your dishes.

Can You Put Wine Glasses in the Dishwasher?

Modern dishwashers are cost-effective. They meet strict Energy Star requirements. These smart appliances heat water, disperse detergent and softener. They wash, rinse, and dry the dishes, making virtually no noise at all. Compact, streamline dishwashers are popular now. They are space-saving, meeting the needs of young families and students.

Capacity also matters. If you like parties, your guests may leave piles of dirty dishes. Wine glasses are commonly slim and tall. A built-in dishwasher accommodates and handles a full load of glassware. A Special, “glass” program is a must. But times change. A sturdy, top-quality appliance lasts not less than 15 years. Selecting it, be sure to consider its:

  • style;
  • color and finish;
  • tub material;
  • number of cycles and racks;
  • noise level.

Dishwashers with sleek stainless steel interiors are durable. Plastic tubs are more affordable. But they hold heat and absorb noise much worse than metal counterparts. Plastic is prone to cracking is several years. Additionally, don’t forget to measure the dimensions.

Is It Safe to Put Crystal Glasses in the Dishwasher?

If you’ve got expensive, handmade or antique glassware, I would advise you to wash it by hand. Dishwashing your delicate wine glasses poses risks to:

  • leave scratches;
  • chip or break;
  • get dirty or cloudy;
  • etch the surface with harsh detergents.

Have you got a set of beautiful vintage glasses? Drinking wine from them is a pleasure. Both material and shape enhance unique wine’s flavor and aroma. But wine stains the surface. Cleaning crystal glasses might become an intricate task. They are thinner than glass ones.

What’s special about crystal material? It contains minerals such as lead, zinc, and magnesium. Scientists commonly call crystal “lead glass” It contains 18-40% of lead oxide. It should reinforce the material. But the surface is porous. It may leach lead into your wine or champagne. Its level is not dangerous.

But detergents may spoil the delicate crystal surface. It absorbs odors that might affect your wine aroma. Heat and detergent dull their sparkles. Additionally, crystal glasses commonly come with thin rims. So, I wash them by hand, using warm water and mild detergent. Vinegar/water solution (1:3) is efficient to remove stains. Then I dry each glass with a soft cotton kitchen towel. I prefer storing them upside down to avoid dusting.

How Do You Wash Wine Glasses in the Dishwasher?

Handmade glasses and china are delicate. Especially the items that feature metallic trims or images. Inexpensive glasses without ornaments are dishwasher-safe. You might use them during a trip or in a rented apartment. Common wine glasses stand out by thick rims and non-porous surfaces.

The silica-based material is inert and lightweight. It stands vibrations and pressure. Glass doesn’t absorb aromas. It doesn’t corrode. So, put your ordinary stemware to a dishwasher. How to load it? To prolong the life of your favorite wine glasses, prefer:

  • top rack;
  • gentle cycle;
  • mild detergent;
  • separating from other dishes;
  • air-dry option.

Give your glasses as much space as possible. It keeps them from scratching and denting. They should not jostle each other or metal utensils. Place them at an angle to let the water drain properly.

Additionally, buy separately and use a dishwasher wine glass holder for each item. These simple plastic tools support your unsteady glassware. They keep the glasses from scratching and cracking. But if a mesh-like plastic rack is available, that’s enough. It folds up and holds your cherished fragile items.

General Conclusion

Do you need a fresh compact dishwasher? I guess the best dishwasher for wine glasses is SD-9241SS model by SPT. It’s a portable appliance that comes with reliable casters. A countertop dishwasher by Farberware is useful during trips. PDW1860KSS model by GE Appliances is a stylish, built-in dishwasher. It stands out by enhanced “glass” cycle.

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