Best Organic Natural Dishwasher Detergents

best organic natural dishwasher detergent

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Being a middle-aged person, you might get accustomed to dishwashing process. Using your powerful machine every day is a precise habit. But we often neglect our detergent quality. Do you use a certain traditional product for years? If so, you may disregard its composition and efficiency. Why don’t you select your best organic natural dishwasher detergent?

See right now our choice of the best product!

Consider several safe, eco-friendly, hygienic products. Take one of them on trial. It makes all your dishes and glassware sparkling clean. Organic gel, tablets, or powder releases no toxic chemicals to water stream. It leaves no residue on the surfaces. So, feel the difference and make your choice.

6 Best Organic Natural Dishwasher Detergents in 2024

Do you concern about the environment and freshwater fish population? I believe you do. But phosphate-free matters are safe both for you and the planet. It contains virtually no synthetic ingredients. Let’s figure out how to do right choice and what is the difference between them!

1. Ecover Citrus Tablets: Best Detergent for Bosch Dishwasher

detergent for bosch dishwasherWhich dish cleaning product did you use several years ago? There are several popular, best-selling brands. Bosch Company recommends using traditional surfactants: they are hella efficient, removing tough stains and grease from your dishware. But they still contain harmful enzymes and synthetic fragrances.

Citrus tablets by Ecover eliminate stuck-on food particles from non-porous surfaces. They make your dirty cookware sparkling clean. Powerful detergent fights grease perfectly well. But meanwhile, it’s biodegradable, eco-friendly.

Distinctive Features

Including only mineral and plant- origin ingredients, it doesn’t harm your health. Additionally, tablets are efficient. This form of dishwashing detergent is commonly not the most affordable, but powerful.

It includes pre-washing agents, soap and rinse aid. Tablets are pre-measured. Therefore, they are water, energy and money-saving. It lets you avoid undesirable residue and strikes on your cherished glassware. Additionally, using them, you extend lifetime of your dishwasher. Excess amounts of powder may damage it in the long run.

But Ecover tablets have a great disadvantage. Their package is not perfect: recyclable cardboard carton is only its part. Each of the 45 tablets has plastic (clear polyethylene or foil) wrapping. Of course, it doesn’t dissolve during dishwashing process. It’s wasteful, not sustainable. Additionally, citrus fragrance is plant-inspired, but it still contains limonene allergen.

  • efficient;
  • eco-friendly;
  • pre-measured;
  • minimal smell;
  • leaves no residue.
  • dusty plastic wrapping;
  • you might dislike the citrus scent.


Citrus tablets by Ecover are efficient. They remove residues and hard water stains from your dishes. They are sparkly clear after the first wash! Additionally, Ecover tablets are eco-friendly. They consist of mineral and plant-based ingredients. Only the individual plastic wrapping is a dusty drawback.

2. Lemi Shine Detergent Pods: Best Detergent for Miele Dishwasher

detergent for miele dishwasherMiele&Cie KG is an experienced manufacturer of domestic appliances. It produces electric dishwashers since 1929. Besides, its modern freestanding and built-in dishwashing machines are sustainable and easy-to-use. Branded cleaning products are available in the range. It includes several rise aids, liquid and dose detergent options.

Miele detergents are phosphate-free, but still not completely natural. Detergent pods by Lemi Shine are eco-friendly. They contain fresh-smelling, natural citrus extracts. The pods are two-component, dual-chamber. Powder and gel detergents are available. Besides, the pod’s enclosing capsule is biodegradable. It dissolves in hot water, letting the surfactant work on grease and stains.

Features and Benefits

How comes the product is so effective? It removes up to 48-hours old tough stains and fat reminders from your glasses, cooking pots and pans. Baked-on and burned food on their surfaces disappears after a full dishwashing cycle. Stains, from your lipstick, coffee and tea vanish. If you are a lazy or busy person, combo pod detergent might be your choice. It requires no tedious pre-rinse.

The pods leave your wine and highball glasses crystal clear. But if your tap water is hard, add Booster tablets by Lemi Shine. They work on calcium and magnesium minerals. Together, the chemicals remove white film and residue from your glasses and dishes.

Of course, dish detergent contains enzymes and carbonates. But all of them are natural, biodegradable. I guess oxidizing cleaner does the job, together with natural surfactants. So, the solution is totally safe. The detergent irritates your eyes or skin, but only in case of direct contact. It’s chlorine-free, septic-friendly.

The fume is virtually non-toxic, but powder mist/dust inhalation is undesirable. Safety precautions are essential, as always. But eating from the naturally clean, chemical-free dishes is healthy.

  • powerful;
  • safe;
  • septic system friendly;
  • sustainable;
  • easy-to-use.
  • if your water is hard, adding Booster tabs is useful;
  • citrus fragrance.


Detergent pods by Lemi Shine are safe and biodegradable. They contain only natural, sustainable and septic-friendly ingredients. The combo pods are easy-to-use. They make no mess in your dishwasher and work on stains efficiently.

3. Puracy Platinum: Natural, Non-toxic Detergent Pack

non-toxic detergent packDo you still need an easy-to-use solution? Everyday pre-rinsing of your kitchen utensils and glassware might be tiresome and laborious. Pre-soaking your baking pans would be even more time-consuming. Meanwhile, sparkling clean effectof all dishwasher-safe stuff is necessary. Natural detergent by Puracy is the real thing!

Powder tablets are easy to use and efficient. They come with biodegradable film, which is polyvinyl alcohol. Water-soluble synthetic polymer dissolves completely in your dishwasher. Accurate powder pre-measurement is beneficial. It doesn’t let you waste the detergent, but doses its exact amounts, enough to clean your glasses and dishes.

Detergent Formula Strengths

The powder is hella powerful and efficient. It makes your dishware and cooking utensils sparkling clean. Besides, your useful detergent includes water softeners. Therefore, it works with hard, lime water, leaving no residue. Like all other ingredients, these matters are plant-based, gluten-free, hypoallergenic.

Is dishwasher detergent harmful? They are completely safe. Above all, that formula contains no phthalates, perfumes or parabens. Besides, chlorine bleach and petrochemicals won’t touch your dishware surface. That is to say: the detergent is free from harsh fumes and chemicals.  What makes the formula so powerful? An experienced chemist has developed it. A third-generation formula is a best-performing option.

Plant-derived enzymes do the job. They remove stubborn food particles from all, non-porous dishware surfaces. Texas-based, Puracy Company is not very old: two chemists founded it in 2014. Their environment-safe, family-friendly approach is perfect. Therefore, many customers all over the world trust the brand.

  • efficient, even in hard water;
  • plant-based;
  • easy to use tablets;
  • biodegradable covering film and active ingredients;
  • safe for septic and greywater systems.
  • suits only automatic dishwashers;
  • it may leave water droplets on plastic materials.


Detergent packs by Puracy are easy to use and efficient. They require no pre-rinsing or lingering pre-soaking. Your glassware and all kitchen stuff is sparkling clean after dishwashing. The powder inside biodegradable film is 99.5% natural. It’s safe, natural, hypoallergenic. So, it works even on baby bottles and toys.

4. Grab Green Pods: Fragrance-Free, Non-hazardous Dishwasher Detergent Pods

non-hazardous dishwasher detergent podsPre-measured powder pods are always beneficial. They are intuitive to use. These epic cleaning packs are small and safe to store anywhere within your home. They don’t make mess, posing no inhalation hazard to your pets or family members. Handy Velcro closure lets you open and seal the pouch easily, without any hassle.

Odorless, colorless polyvinyl alcohol covering dissolves in cold or hot water.It lets detergent powder out. So, it works on dusty grease and grime, leaving no streaks and spots. The formula is unique. It’s powerful, removing nasty grease without a trace. It leaves brilliant shine glassware, ceramic and porcelain dishes.

Safety and Usage Benefits

Detergent rinses clean, removing residue, white film coating and spots from your tableware. The powder contains water softener and demineralizing agents. You don’t need to add anything to get your glassware spotless and clean.

Meanwhile, powder pods by Grab Green are non-toxic, eco-friendly. They are healthier than other detergent options. Only naturally-based ingredients are inside that enable healthy lifestyle and safe home environment. Grab Green Company’s foundation story proves it.

It’s a California-based, female-owned brand. A woman and mother of 2 daughters, Patricia Spencer established it in 1999. She decided to make healthy and effective cleaning products by herself. Her natural, non-toxic formulas are well-tried. They are safe, chemical-free.

  • powerful;
  • intuitive to use;
  • mess-free;
  • safe;
  • eco-responsible.
  • pods covers are delicate, easy to rip;
  • you can’t cut a pod in half, even if your dishwasher requires less powder.


Powder Pods by Grab Green are safe and efficient. They are intuitive to use, convenient to grab and toss. The formula is powerful. It contains only natural matters and surfactants. If you have small kids or pets, follow in Patricia’s footsteps.

5. Seventh Generation Gel: Natural and Sparing Dishwasher Detergent Gel

natural and sparing dishwasher detergent gelDo you prefer using water-based cleaning products? They are not as abrasive as powders. Gel is preferable when you need to wash your delicate wine glasses. It doesn’t abrade your decorative dishes, leaving them streak-free. The liquid is beneficially powerful, grease-fighting.

As well as other organic detergents, gel soap doesn’t require pre-rinse. How does it work? As well as Honest dishwasher detergent, it contains two plant-based enzymes. These proteins break down soils and grease, removing stains from smooth surfaces.

Use and Composition

Plant-based solutions are beneficial. They don’t need very high water temperatures to wash stuck-on food away. The lemon-scent gel by Seventh Generation contains no harmful chlorine or dyes. Plant-derived botanical extract is perfect. It smells nice. But if you don’t like it, prefer a fragrance-free, clear option.

USDA certification is a reliable product quality proof. Are only 65% of ingredients bio-based? Perhaps, mineral-derived ingredients don’t fall into renewable resources category. Only synthetic preservatives are available, but they are not harmful.

So, the detergent gel is beneficially septic-safe. It cleans tableware pretty well. Commonly it’s a stellar product. Just use and measure it properly. If you add too much gel, white residue may remain on your glasses. Water-saving dishwashers and cycles won’t let it dissolve and wash away completely. Check metal utensils for compatibility. Load them separately to avoid discoloration.

  • green, eco-friendly;
  • septic-safe;
  • non-abrasive;
  • efficient;
  • American quality, confirmed by certification.
  • if you add to much gel, it might leave residue;
  • not aluminum-safe.


Seventh Generation, Inc. is a Vermont-based company that produces eco-friendly products. Working since 1988, it has got epic experience. Dishwasher detergent gel is one of their top-quality solutions. It’s virtually natural, safe and efficient. Gel works on delicate glassware and dishes perfectly well.

6. Biokleen Free &Clear: Natural, Scent-free Dishwasher Powder

scent-free dishwasher powderPowdered detergent is not the healthiest option. It’s abrasive, going not hella easy on your delicate plates and glassware. You are to store it properly to avoid detergent hardening issues. Additionally, make sure to prevent hazards. Don’ t let your kids and pets access the powder.

Nevertheless, non-toxic dish detergent by Biokleen is beneficial. It contains no dyes or fragrances; toxic chlorine, petroleum solvents are absent. Plant-derived and mineral-based surfactants do the job. Therefore, you get clean dishes, free of dusty chemical taste.

If you or your little kids are sensitive to chemicals, it might be your choice. The powder has no detectable scent. Natural ingredients don’t cause allergy. Most importantly, they are safe for the plant and its inhabitants. Are they efficient? Oxygen bleach works on baked-on food and fat remainder. It totally removes dark tea and coffee stains.

Detergent powder makes your grease pots and pans fresh and clean. As to white residues, it depends on the dosage. Biokleen dish powder is concentrated. Its quantity depends on your dishwasher, cycle and dish load. 2 lbs. box lasts long if you use it sparingly.

Additional Recommendations

To wash lightly soiled tableware use only ½ ounce of detergent. 1 tablespoon of powder is enough for half or minimal loads. Heavily soiled baking pans need twice more cleaning power. It works in hard, lime water, but a rinse aid might be necessary. As to the box, it’s plastic. Screw-on lid is beneficial. It may pollute the environment, but it prevents moisture from getting inside the box.

  • non-toxic;
  • free of chemicals and scents;
  • efficient;
  • concentrated, long-lasting;
  • eco-friendly.
  • a measuring spoon would be useful;
  • it might be not easy to measure the powder properly.


Dishwasher detergent by Biokleen is powerful and non-toxic. The powder is concentrated, saving your money and efforts. But you are to measure and store it properly. Rinse aid or detergent booster helps you to avoid residue in hard water.

Buyers’ Guide

At home, we pay hella attention to visible things. Functional furniture and household appliances make your kitchen space stylish. Consumables seem to be minor. Cleaning products help us to keep our homes tidy and healthy. Dishwasher detergent is imperceptible.

You distinguish only your glassware shine and flawlessly clean surface. You’d like to avoid spots, white residue, film, and streaks on your dishware. Can you run dishwasher without detergent? It’s possible if you need only to rinse your dishes. If they are not soiled at all, it may work.

You can sanitize your kitchen utensils, exposing them to extended hot water rinse. It kills bacteria and germs. 140 °F is enough to do the job. But it won’t clean heavily-soiled items like cooking pots and pans. What about glasses? Droplets of water leave spots and streaks on the surface. A washing agent or disinfectant is necessary.

What is the Best Non-toxic Dishwasher Detergent?

Every manufacturer offers several dishwashing products. They differ by capacity, a number of loads, scents, and packaging. But their forms matter. There are 3 common types of dishwasher detergent:

  1. Tablets.
  2. Gel.
  3. Powder.

Detergent tablets or pods are the easiest to use. They are pre-measured. It eliminates dishwashing and storing mess completely. Small bricks of powder or packs with gel are safe. If any harmful chemicals are available inside, they don’t pollute your air. Separate wrapping or film covers every tablet or pod. It eliminates environment exposure and health hazards.

Dishwashing Tablets vs Gel and Powder

Dishwasher tablets are not the most affordable, but highly efficient. They commonly contain both surfactants and rinse aid. Water softeners and other additives give no chance to residue, spots and streaks. On the other hand, this detergent form lacks flexibility. Using tablets or pods, prefer longer wash cycles to rinse your dishes properly.

Dishwasher gel is less abrasive. It’s preferable for delicate tableware and glasses. Additionally, liquid is easier to pour and measure, than powder. It dissolves in warm water faster, and you can wipe possible spills in a breeze.

What about dishwasher powder? It’s a bit messy, abrasive, but heavy-duty. It perfectly cleans your heavily soiled cookware. Additionally, it gives you stellar measuring flexibility. If you have a small dishwasher or your dishes are lightly soiled, pour less powder. It’s highly efficient. Many products are concentrated. So, you don’t need too much detergent. It lasts long, being the most affordable option.

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What is the Safest Dishwasher Detergent?

There are multiple cleaning products on the market. They are not equal. Non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products are preferable. Some of them are completely natural. How do they work? Natural, non-toxic cleaning products are powerful. They do the job due to plant-based enzymes or oxygen bleach.

Active components in detergents are essential. They break stains down and remove grease from the dish surfaces. But oxygen bleach is beneficial. In comparison with harmful chlorine, it’s:

  • healthier;
  • more gentle to the environment;
  • safer to transport;
  • less corrosive;
  • colorfast;
  • easy to mix with other ingredients.

Oxygen bleach (sodium carbonate) dissolves in water, releasing oxygen gas. It lifts dirt and stains from any surfaces or materials.

Earlier, synthetic detergents contained harmful enzymes like phosphates. Manufacturers added them to laundry and dishwasher detergent for decades. There cleaning agents are efficient. They remove stains easily, breaking dirt particles down. But phosphates are difficult to remove. They pollute nearby water sources and soil.

Fortunately, 17 US states initiated phosphate ban in 1994. Nowadays, all detergents are phosphate-free. They contain safer surfactants. Plant-derived enzymes have perfect cleaning properties. They contain lipases that act as catalysts in fats hydrolysis process.

Will Dish Soap Ruin a Dishwasher?

Doing dishes by hand, you use regular dish soap. It’s a bit runny but much gentler, healthier to your skin. Will you use it in your dishwasher? It seems to be a savvy, practical idea. But common dish soap creates suds/foam. It might cause serious issues, like:

  • water overflow;
  • drainage, pipes and filters clogging;
  • your floor and kitchen cabinets damage;
  • dishwasher chassis corrosion.

Regular cleaning products won’t clean your dishes and cookware. Scummy residue on its surface is difficult to rinse off. So, you’ll have to wash all of this foamy stuff by hand.

Special liquid and powdered products suit the application. They are efficient, but not perfect. Some of them contain harmful chemicals, able to damage our lungs, kidneys or heart. You should not touch any detergent by bare hands, especially wet.

Caustic soda (sodium hydrochloride) may irritate your skin. It reacts with water, releasing combustible hydrogen gas. Caustic soda attacks aluminum, zinc, lead, and their alloys. It discolors their delicate surfaces. Stainless steel interior of your dishwasher is totally safe.

Bottom Line

What is the best organic dish soap? These cleaning products are available in liquid and powder forms. Besides, pre-measured packs are beneficially powerful and intuitive to use. Citrus tablets by Ecover contain pre-washing agents, surfactants and rinse aid. Detergent pods by Lemi Shine and Puracy feature biodegradable covering film. They are easy to store and safe.

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